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Money-making Blog Posts Examples: 4 Blog Posts That Make $10,000/Mo10 min read

Real-world examples of blog posts making money right now. Includes Copy-and-Paste methods to apply in your posts too.

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Struggling to move the needle?

Well, no one built a successful blog right from the start (including myself).

But here is one crucial thing to understand if you want to get there…

Posts that make millions are not written by “super-humans”…

But rather from ordinary folks who understand the holy trinity of online sales.

Ever heard of



(If not, Click Here to learn more about the sales funnel.)

Believe it or not, that’s really all there is to selling online.

First, you have to get traffic to your content (be it a blog post, social profile, or YouTube videos).

Second, you have to add affiliate links to your posts (in a particular way — we’ll get to it).

(These are the only two steps you must to right to get sales rolling pretty quickly.)

Not convinced?

Let me show you practical examples now… (A real smoking gun of digital selling… )

Here are 4 blog posts that earn at least $10,000/mo from affiliate links (based on my research).


[Click here and skim through the post]

This is a gadget magazine website with a bunch of product-review articles.

The post opens with a catchy title “The Best Laptops for 2023” and immediately goes to the point by providing a graphical overview of the best laptops. (See here how to write excellent post titles.)

The post opens with an overview (and affiliate links in green)

Did you catch that?

Right after the opening sentence, there are Amazon affiliate links (PCMAG already has the trust of the audience so they can do this.)

As you scroll through, you will see that each laptop has a section with “Why we picked it” and “Who it’s for” — the “Hey, that’s me” moment. (Identifies the reader so she feels the post is tailored for her only.)

Pros/Cons of each laptop together with specs and Buy Now buttons

After each laptop, there is a concise table with Pros/Cons for busy readers who just want to get the job done (and buy quickly).

And of course, two prominent Buy Now buttons that lead the reader directly to Amazon and Best Buy.

Further down there is a buying guide to help the reader make the final choice.

The post ends with a comprehensive specification table (containing the affiliate links in the last column).

Specs table with affiliate links in green

Here are the final takeaways from PCMAG so that you can start applying similar concepts

  • Physical product reviews are a safe bet for your next post
  • The price of the physical product is somewhat higher which allows higher commissions
  • Titles such as “Best ____ for 2023” capture the readers’ attention and convert well
  • Include affiliate links after every product and at the post-opening/end
  • Use tables for Pros/Cons and specs; add images of the products (to convince busy readers to buy quickly)
  • Provide a comprehensive buying guide for indecisive readers
  • Make the buy now buttons stand and make sure there is no much content around it
  • Aim for all details to be in a single post (buying guide, reviews, etc.)

#2 SleepFoundation

[Click here and skim through the post]

SleepFoundation sells bedding goods including pillows and mattresses. The post I have here is another example that generates thousands of dollars every day.

Early from the start, the post identifies the target audience which is “Side Sleepers” and tailors the content around it.

Did you notice how they build trust by showing the credentials of post-authors (e.g. Physical Therapists)?

Credentials of the post-authors

Now, as with PCMAG, the guys waste no time… Immediately after opening, there is a table of the best of the best.

An overview of the best products together with shop (or affiliate) links

Note that SleepFoundation has its own shop but also uses affiliate links to monetize posts (still, they do it less apparently — it’s not

Right below, you’ll see the “Best overall” pillow box. (Made to target people who don’t want to read too much and just want to take the best option on average.)

Best pillow overall

The post continues with a review of each pillow (pros/cons, table, rating).

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All the way to the bottom, there is a buying guide that helps the reader clear all remaining doubts (from material, size, and FAQs).

Here is what you can apply directly to your posts

  • Add lots of HD images of the product you are reviewing
  • When possible include a video demonstration
  • Use tables to make the content easy to read and digest
  • Motivate the readers with different discount buttons
  • Use drop-downs to provide on-demand additional info about the product (rather than cluttering the post)
  • Include details about the testing methods you based the review on
  • Finish with FAQs

#3 EdyBalle

[Click here and skim through the post]

This post sells virtual products under the “umbrella” of costly blogging mistakes (you want to avoid).

(Notice the catchy title: 21 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid [2023] From My Experience.)

Let’s look at the first.

The author says that you might select the wrong blogging platform…

And since no one wants the wrong tool for the job, you end up visiting his recommended solutions.

And guess what? These are all affiliate links.

Affiliate link that is supposed to solve the issue

Down the road, there are 20 other common problems new authors face and corresponding solutions.

This post is a great example of how you can use the “problem” coat to position affiliate products as solutions.

Since it’s a pretty long article, you also get an affiliate link following you as you scroll.

An affiliate link in a box that follows the reader

Here are a few takeaways you want to bring home

  • Focus your post on a problem many people face
  • Digital product affiliate links offer better profit margins (better commission for the comparable price of physical products)
  • Use prominent boxes with labels such as “Our Top Pick”, “Author’s Pick”, and “Best Blogging Platform” to promote the solutions
  • Include multiple affiliate links (of different vendors)
  • Depending on your preferences, you can even add a “flying box” that follows the reader to maximize affiliate sales
  • Use anchors in the post text to “gently” remind the reader of the solution

#4 IgorJovanovic.Com

[Click here and skim through the post]

Here is another post that sells digital products.

(Note: I wrote this post myself and even though it’s not making 10k a month, it’s getting sales already.)

The idea behind the article is to provide a one-stop shop for someone who wants to create a blog.

I open with a table of contents that lets you pick the relevant section.

Table of contents

Since the reader needs a hosting solution for blogging, there are multiple affiliate links to my recommended provider Bluehost.

Here is one example.

Affiliate link example

Down the road, the post guides you through the registration process step-by-step (once you lend at Bluehost).

Past this point, there are reminders to the reader to create a blog (if they haven’t done so).

Reminder to start a blog

Here are a few important takeaways from my blog post

  • Comprehensive How-To articles work and convert well
  • Hyperlink the table of contents so that the reader can jump from section to section
  • Provide your credentials at the start/end of the post
  • Include multiple affiliate links and keep reminding the reader throughout the post to take action
  • Show them where to click and how to register to your affiliate link (step by step, with screenshots)
  • Use bullet points and lists to facilitate reading
  • Add a newsletter box to capture the reader’s email (for later communication)

Final thoughts

Today I showed you 4 examples of very successful blog posts. (Most of these make at least $10,000 a month.)

As you can see, it’s very possible to make money out of writing.

And your posts can do the same…

Only if you do the “right thing”.

Apply what you learned here and see for yourself.

P.S. You can contact me here if you need any help.

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