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How To Get First Sale On Gumroad (In Less Than 24h)?5 min read

I created a brand-new product on Gumroad and sold it in less than 24 hours. Here is how I did it (with steps and snapshots).

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I’ve seen many authors here making thousands of dollars on Gumroad.

Then I wanted to jump on that train myself and create a virtual product (from zero)…

After all…

If others can do it, why can I (or you) not do the same?

In fact, I made my first sale in less than 24 hours after publishing my first product.

(My heart was racing when I saw this.)

My Gumroad earnings panel

(And yes, it was a brand-new Gumroad account without any head start…)

(Keep in mind also that I don’t have a huge following base…)

Let me tell you now what I did exactly (so that you can do it too)…

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#1 Create your product (or use the existing one)

The first step is to create a product others want to buy.

In my case, it was easier than I thought…

For years, I have kept a Google Doc of the phrases I use in writing (when I get demotivated or stuck to help me write faster).

Why not repurpose that a bit into a full-blown product?

Then it clicked… I realized I already had the product ready…

Think of it for a second…

Do you have notes on your computer/phone others will find useful?

Use that…

The crucial take here is: Your product MUST RESOLVE A PROBLEM.

(Final check: If you can’t tell in a fraction of a second what problem the product addresses it’s not a good choice.)

Here is what the final product looked like (click to open).

#2 Write a kick-ass sales page on Gumroad

The next step is to write a product description that will convert people from “I don’t care” to “Here, take my money”.

Starting from the title onwards, the description must address problems the reader faces…

(80% of visitors will read your product title and based on it decide if they are going to leave right away.)

So, start by writing a captivating title; a title that makes a promise about something your readers hold dearly in their hearts…

For example, the product I created is called “200 Copy-And-Paste Phrases I Use Daily To Write Posts That Make Money”.


I made a promise to people striving to make money from their writing — the product will help them write faster/more confidently even in periods of ultimate demotivation/confusion…

That’s really all there is… Just finalize the description in a way that the reader feels you understand their pain (and what they have been through).

See below how to do it… (Feel free to copy/paste my method.)

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#3 Tell everyone about it (Promote it)

As I already taught you, there is exactly ZERO use of a product that has no eyeballs on it.

Really… Think of it for a moment…

If you want to sell the product you must “throw” some traffic at it.

(Even if you have the best-in-class product you’ll only hear crickets if you ignore this step.)

So how do you get traffic then?

The first door to know is what you basically already have…

No matter how tiny your subscriber/follower/fan base is, go there first…

These people already trust you so it’s easiest to sell them…

Write emails to your subscribers, post on social media to your followers/fans, and post on Medium/Substack.

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If you are literally starting from zero (no followers, no emails, no nothing) you can still make it… (But for God’s sake start building that base ASAP — it’ll help with your next product.)

There are different methods (that work) to get paid traffic to your Gumroad product (think of Google Ads, Facebook, and Twitter).

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Once the traffic starts rolling, make sure to follow the conversion rates (see here what conversions you can expect).

In my case, the first sale came out of my email list after I sent this…

TITLE: Igor, you are first to know this…


Final Thoughts

Gumroad is a great platform for creating/selling virtual products (for free).

Just now, I created my first product on Gumroad (with no expectations at all).

And guess what?

Within the first 24 hours, I got my first sale!

And here I explained the exact path that led me to this result…

Try it and see for yourself.

And if you ever feel stuck (or demotivated) to write, consider buying “200 Copy-And-Paste Phrases I Use Daily To Write Posts That Make Money”.

P.P.S. If you decide to create your own product, please put the link to your Gumroad product in the comments, I’d love to see what you come up with!

No Thinking Required: Ready-To-Use Blueprint To Start & Grow Your Blog From $0 To $1,200/Mo
Want to get into blogging but confused about where to start?

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