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You are at the right place. Let me and my partners help you achieve exactly what you planned. With 15+ years of experience, there is no task that I (or someone on my team) haven’t dealt with — we’ve seen it all.

Note: I’m only taking on a few clients this year because of the existing commitments.

Here are the services that I can do for you.

#1 Web Development & Design Services

Supported wordpress plugins and hosting providers

This is for you if you already have a website or want to start a new project (any website type is possible).

  • Logo design
  • Marketing material & ad design
  • Website creation (e-commerce, blogs, single-page websites)
  • Website maintenance (WordPress, Shopify, other CMSs)
  • Domain transfer & hosting management
  • Website migration (to a different hosting)
  • WordPress speed optimization
  • WordPress plugins configuration
  • Theme design modifications
  • Conversion between platforms (e.g., Shopify to WordPress)
  • Anti-bot security measures/protection (incl. spam removal)

What do you get?

  • Flat rate per project
  • Latest standards
  • Fast & secure website that loads within 2 seconds
  • Design that works on all screen sizes
  • 14-day delivery (max)
  • Free DIY course
  • Free 15-minute orientation talk

Book your free 15-minute meeting below.

#2 SEO & Content Marketing

Supported social networks

Ideal for those with a new website that needs traffic and content (fast). (also suitable for growing an existing project or social media profile.)

  • Blog article writing (all topics and post lengths possible)
  • Existing posts rewriting (SEO-optimized)
  • Complete website SEO optimization
  • Social media posting & management
  • Ad management (all platforms, incl. Google, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Email campaigns & list management
  • Affiliate links CTR optimization

What do you get?

  • Social media followers
  • High-quality & SEO-optimized posts
  • Tons of traffic (over time)
  • Better affiliate earnings
  • Fixed rates per project
  • Free marketing course
  • Free 15-min call

Note: None of the content-writing services involve AI-written content. All the articles are genuine & written by professionals.

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#3 Full-Stack Programming & Software Architecture

supported full stack

If you need to hire senior full-stack engineers or software architects, this option is for you.

  • Jira-based user story frontend programming (JS, AngularJS, VueJS, HTML, CSS)
  • Jira-based user story backend programming (Python, Java, PHP, R)
  • NoSQL & SQL databases & query optimization
  • NoSQL & SQL databases migration + ETL
  • Full website migration
  • Database monitoring & alerting
  • Cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • WordPress custom plugin development
  • JSON/XML/config files professional translation

What do you get?

  • Delivery on time
  • Best-in-class dev & architect work
  • Predictable & competitive hourly rate
  • Internationally experienced staff
  • Fast onboarding
  • Well-documented work

Note: These services are completed either by me or the partners out of my network (still, the quality standards are guaranteed directly by me).

Book a free 15-min call now (no-strings-attached).

#4 Web Task Automation Services (Powered by AI)

AI tools that we support

Are you tired of spending endless hours on repetitive tasks? Order this service if you want to stop wasting time on things that can be delegated entirely to AI.

  • Data entry & extraction tasks (products, catalogs, etc.)
  • Data scraping tasks (any source is possible)
  • Form-filling tasks (such as registration forms, surveys, and others)
  • Social media engagement (automated posting)
  • E-commerce order processing
  • Financial markets strategies automation (buy/sell based on conditions)
  • Excel integrations with your website (import/export DB to Excel and vice versa)
  • Chatbots integration for customer support

What do you get?

  • Complete outsourcing of the repetitive tasks
  • 100% error-free execution (unlike humans)
  • Time efficiency (x10 faster than the most productive workforce)
  • Costs saving (no manual labor needed)
  • 24/7 service that doesn’t need breaks
  • Fast delivery and an edge over your competition
Show more examples

– Extract Products from ProductHunt

– Scrape and download product lists from Product Hunt based on keywords or categories.

– Extract Job Listings from Indeed US
– Extract job postings for a specific role and location from Indeed in the US.

– Extract Job Listings Information from LinkedIn
– Extract job listings data for a particular job position and location using a prebuilt robot.
– Monitor a company’s details on LinkedIn and receive alerts for changes in details or employee lists.

Google Workspace
– Extract Apps List from Google Workspace Marketplace

– Extract Apps List from Zapier
– Extract a list of apps available on Zapier.

– Extract App Details from Zapier
– Extract detailed information about a specific app on Zapier.

– Extract List of Services from Yelp
– Extract data from including services offered, and save it as a spreadsheet.

– Extract Service Details from Yelp
– Extract detailed information about services offered by businesses on Yelp.

– Extract List of Properties from Redfin
– Extract a list of properties from Redfin and save the data in various formats.

– Extract Property Details from Redfin
– Extract detailed property information from Redfin listings.
– Extract Job Postings List from
– Extract a list of job postings from
– Extract Job Posting Details from
– Extract detailed information from a job posting on
– Extract Job Postings List from Glassdoor
– Extract a list of job postings from Glassdoor.
– Extract Job Posting Details from Glassdoor
– Extract detailed information from a job posting on Glassdoor.

– Extract Job Postings List from Upwork
– Extract a list of job postings from Upwork search URLs.

– Extract Details from an UpWork Job Posting
– Extract detailed information from a job posting on UpWork.

– Extract Job Postings List from FlexJobs
– Extract a list of job postings from Flexjobs using search URLs.

– Extract Job Posting Details from FlexJobs
– Extract detailed information from a job posting on FlexJobs.
– Extract Job Postings List from SEEK
– Extract a list of job postings from
– Extract Job Posting Details from
– Extract detailed information from a job posting on
– Extract Job Postings List from RemoteOK
– Extract a list of job postings from RemoteOK search pages.
– Extract Job Posting Details from RemoteOK
– Extract detailed information from a job posting URL on RemoteOK.

– Extract Companies Info from Clutch
– Extract a list of companies from a category page on

– Extract Software List from
– Extract a list of software from a Capterra category.

– Extract Products List from eBay
– Extract a list of products from eBay.

– Extract TikTok Video Information and Comments
– Extract data from TikTok videos including descriptions, authors, and comments.

– Extract Account Info and Videos from a TikTok Account
– Extract account information and videos from a TikTok account.

Chrome Web Store
– Extract Extension Info from Chrome Web Store
– Extract information and reviews from Chrome Web Store extensions.

– Extract TikTok Videos from a Hashtag
– Extract videos from TikTok based on a hashtag.

– Extract Google Search Results by Country
– Extract search results from Google for a keyword in a specific country.

– Extract Posts from Reddit Search
– Extract posts related to a specific keyword from Reddit.

Google Translate
– Translate Text using Google Translate
– Automatically translate text and send it to Google Sheets or Browse AI API & Webhooks.

– Extract Products List from AppSumo
– Extract product information from an AppSumo collection or category link.

– Extract Product Reviews from AppSumo
– Extract product reviews from an app listed on AppSumo.

– Extract Job Posting Details from a Job URL on Indeed
– Extract details from a job posting URL on Indeed.

– Extract Related Search Keywords from Google
– Extract related search keywords from the bottom of a Google search page.

– Extract List of Job Postings from a LinkedIn Search URL
– Extract job listings from a job search URL on LinkedIn.

– Extract List of Job Postings from a Search URL on Indeed
– Extract job listings from a search URL on Indeed.

– Extract DuckDuckGo Search Results
– Extract search results from DuckDuckGo.

– Extract Job Posting Details from LinkedIn
– Extract detailed information from a job posting on LinkedIn.

– Extract Software List from a Category
– Extract software list from a category on

– Extract Overview & Competitors from ZoomInfo
– Extract company information from ZoomInfo including an overview and competitors.

– Extract Comments from Reddit Search Results
– Extract comments from Reddit discussions.

– Extract Eventbrite Online Events
– Scrape Eventbrite online events for specific keywords.

– Extract Search Results for Plugins on
– Extract plugin information from the plugin repository.

– Extract Sellers and Services from Fiverr Search Results
– Extract sellers and their services from Fiverr search results.

– Extract Posts List from the Reddit Homepage or a Subreddit
– Scrape recent posts in a subreddit or on the Reddit homepage.

Indie Hackers
– Extract Top Posts from Indie Hackers
– Set up email notifications for top posts on Indie Hackers.

Google Maps
– Monitor Google Maps Search Results
– Receive notifications for changes in Google Maps search results.

– Monitor Organic Google Search Results
– Get notified about changes in organic Google search results.

Google Maps
– Monitor Google Places Information
– Receive notifications for changes in Google place details.

– Extract Amazon US Search Results
– Extract organic and paid search results from Amazon US for

#5 Consulting 1:1

This package is for you if you feel “stuck” at something. It can be your website, a piece of code, career path guidance, or any other general doubt you need help with.

Take this package if you have a “burning” problem and need someone to answer you correctly.

I have 30 minutes and 60 minutes sessions available for you.

Book a free 15-min orientation call.

Why work with me?

This is a fair question to ask. You want to ensure that I can deliver the work.

To see the credentials & work samples, you can check some of the following resources.

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  4. Detailed CV

Let’s talk and see how I can help you further.

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