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5 Best Ways To Learn Content Marketing In 20244 min read

Learn directly from content marketers who make north of $100,000+/month. Best thing? You won’t pay a dime for it.

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Is it only me, or do you also feel that too many folks are teaching web marketing these days?

If you are already putting efforts into writing & content promotion, the last thing you want is contradictory information about best practices & current trends…

And sure thing, you must stay on top of things and keep learning what works & what does not. (Else, success won’t last even when you get there.)

Since I am only a few steps ahead of you, I want to tell you something important.

It’s basically how I learn from world-class experts (without paying a dime).

(And yes, this is how you should learn as well if you want to start selling.)

The Free Method

Each of the gurus I will share in a second offers a premium web marketing course.

(Some of these with a price tag well above $1,000.)

So what do you do, buy another three-figure course?

No, not at all. 

You can still get the best of their teachings even without paying for a thing…

How’s that possible?

Listen to this.

All of these guys offer a free email list where they teach marketing basics.

Just go ahead and subscribe to each and wait (it’s FREE)…

After a week or two, the emails will start promoting the premium stuff.

That’s the point where you see their best work. (Time to take pen and paper…)

It’s basically how “they sell their own stuff” that can teach you the best.

You want your attention laser-focused on emails that contain links to the premium offerings (landing pages).

And yes, you can keep a small diary of how these best-in-class gurus sell.

(Tip: Copy-and-paste the promotional emails/landing pages to a document and use them as a cheatsheet)…

Believe it or not, this is the best available method to learn how to sell online. 

(Just watch the Pros doing it and start applying exactly the same to boost your own chances for success.)

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My Top 5 Teachers [List]

Before I give away the list, let’s make one thing clear.

I am not saying here that their premium courses are not useful. 

Far from it… 

We are all different, and some people need hand-holding and more guidance along the way (and they are ready to pay for it).

What I am saying is that if you want to learn from the best, just focus on how they sell their own stuff. (There is no better training or 1:1 than this.)

If you still decide to purchase their premium course, that’s also all right.

With that out of the table, here are Gurus who can really teach you how to sell online (their offers hit the nail on its head).

(Don’t worry; you will find their free newsletter offers easily once you land on their websites — and that’s already lesson #1 for you.)

Final Thoughts

The Internet has become the Wild West when it comes to finding trustworthy information.

Bragging about success with no concrete (and practical) advice is all around… (Especially in the online marketing field.)

Here, I gave you a list of 5 well-established content & affiliate marketing gurus that I learned from. 

(And yes, it’s worthwhile for you to consider them as well.)

The best part?

You don’t have to pay a dime to learn straight from folks who make $1,000s a day.

P.S. If you find this difficult or if you want TONS of similar tips & tricks, consider buying my course below.

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