Igor Jovanovic, M.Sc.
Founder & Full Stack Tech Consultant

My name is Igor Jovanovic, and I bring over 15 years of experience to the table as an IT full-stack professional.

From the early days of the modern internet to the fast-paced tech startups of Silicon Valley, I’ve been an active player in the ever-changing tech industry.

My journey began in 2007, and since then, I’ve honed my skills to become a top-notch IT expert (next to my formal M.Sc. degree).

Over the years, I’ve served clients worldwide as a web-services agency, gathering an impressive track record (see some testimonials below).

These positive reviews are a testament to my commitment to excellence and ability to exceed customer expectations consistently.


Having founded and managed several successful projects (some of which attracted millions of users), I possess a business affinity that complements my technical expertise.

In 2017, I relocated to The Netherlands, where I worked with renowned European banks and investment funds, including Credit Suisse, APG, and ABN AMRO, as an IT engineer and Tech Team Lead.

My latest endeavors led me to collaborate with Silicon Valley’s multi-billion-dollar tech startups, including Redis and MarkLogic.


This position has allowed me to embrace a fast-paced lifestyle since I’m constantly on the move (for business), ever-ready to tackle the next challenge.

While my professional journey has been rewarding, I’m equally passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping aspiring IT professionals kickstart their careers.

To this end, I write a tech blog that serves as a valuable handbook, providing valuable insights and tips (I wish I had when I started).


As an accomplished professional, I am offering my expertise and services to a few new clients this year (due to the existing commitments).

What sets me apart is my commitment to excellence, ensuring every project is executed to the highest standards.


When you work with me, you can expect prompt and reliable service focusing on delivery.

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