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9 Examples Of Deal Offers That Convert8 min read

9 examples of killer offers no one can resist (to use directly in your online selling strategy).

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Sellers make in one day what they usually make for the entire month.

You guessed it right, I am talking about Black Friday here.

So, it’s a global madness with a lot of money stashed and ready to be spent on (and around) this day.

Why not take a slice of the pie for yourself?

Here is what I am selling this Black Friday.

(You may put in the comments a link to the product that you are selling — so we can help each other.)


Before the clock hits midnight, you better ensure your Black Friday offer is ready to roll.

(Since you will be competing with millions of other sellers.)

But wait, what is this all elbowing for?

Well, it’s competition for attention.


Now let’s see 9 Black Friday deal examples that capture and hold visitors’ attention.

(Feel free to implement these strategies to your website/blog/profile/shop and see what happens.)

Note: These work all year long and not just for Black Friday (so this post is equally useful past Black Friday if you missed it).

#1 Hourly Discounts

SportsDirect.Com snapshot

Day has 24 hours. Why not implement a new offering each hour?

Then you can have 24 different offers during this day.

Best part?

You inject scarcity into your offer so others will have less than 1 hour to react before the offer expires… (And no one wants to miss out on a big discount.)

It’s also an opportunity for you to test what works best (a win-win for everyone).

(HINT: Test different discounts for different product categories vs. site-wide discounts.)

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#2 Gift Guide

It’s a holiday session so most people are buying and receiving gifts.

Why not introduce a blog post that recommends the best products to gift someone? gift guide

There you have a chance to offer an attractive discount as well (and push the products you want)…

And, of course, write the guide in a way that persuades the reader it’s written 100% for them. (Shows you understand what they are going through.)

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#3 Free Product

Promise your readers a small gift when they make any purchase (above $x).

This strategy works like a charm…

Just look at IKEA (it’s a big European brand for furnishing homes).

They first attract you by offering really really cheap products (that are almost FREE).

For instance, this side table would cost you less than $10 (almost like one Starbucks coffee).

Side table

Of course, when you need a comfortable bad next time, you’ll spend hundreds of $$$ on a new one… And where? Well, in IKEA (because it’s fresh in your memory that they have “cheap” prices).

So, free or almost free products just work (in attracting the customers).

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#4 Flexible Terms

You are at a pet center, thinking of buying a puppy (but not ready to commit yet).

The sales clerk gives you the most adorable puppy that is puffy and immediately jumps to your lap…

Photo by Andrew Schultz on Unsplash

The moment is perfect and seems the dog has chosen you… But you are not ready to commit, what if things turn out wrong (or your plans change)?

No problem, the salesperson offers you to take the puppy today and just return it within 5 days if anything changes (no questions asked).

19 out of 20 people won’t return the puppy…

There you have it… Offer flexibility as the final push to your readers/customers (e.g., money-back guarantee, free shipping).

#5 Product Launch

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

If you already have some customers/readers don’t be afraid to combine Black Friday with a new product launch.

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Announce the product 3, 2, and 1 day before the launch date (Black Friday).

Keep promoting it even when the doors open with social posts like this.

Access available only until x/xx/xxxx (date)” and “1000 bags sold, only 100 more to go.

#6 Product Bundles

Heard of the saying it’s X times more expensive to get a new customer than to upsell the current one?

That’s 100% correct.

Try to bundle the products so that the customer buys more (when they are already at it).

Amazon does this perfectly with its “Frequently bought together” section.

Give a discount on the bundle to “seal the deal”.

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#7 Pre-Black Friday Sale

Want more of Black Friday madness?

Sure, just extend the term of the offering.

Buyers are already in the buying mood 7 days before Black Friday.

Why not promote “Black Week”?

(Make sure to introduce the counters so that everyone knows it’s coming — build up anticipation.)

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#8 Progressive (Tiered) Discounts

Give the readers an incentive to spend more…

Show them they leave money on the table if they DON’T buy more…

Combine this with free shipping as H&M does (if possible).

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#9 Spinning wheel

Spinning wheel

Spinning wheels are the best-converting pop-ups that exist today.

(Yes, we all like games, regardless of age.)

You can use this to offer either discounts or perhaps coupons.

This can be before or even after the purchase so that you “plant the seed” for the next buy.

(We always leave out a few things we wanted from the shopping cart because it’s not the “right moment”… So, the customer already knows where to spend this coupon/discount…)

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Final Thoughts

Black Friday is an event that you, as a seller, should not take lightly.

And why?

It’s simply because there are stashes of money waiting to be spent (and hopefully some of it ends up in your pocket).

It’s a win-win because you will have “ready-to-buy” people on your blog post/shop/social media…

So it’s relatively easy to sell.

In this post, I showed you 9 ready-to-use examples of Black Friday offerings.

And of course, these methods work all year long and during any festive/holiday session (and not just on Black Friday).

Happy selling!

P.S. Write in a comment what is your Black Friday offer (LINKS allowed).

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