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Redis Key Slot Number Calculator (FREE)2 min read

Redis Key Slot Number Calculator

Need Redis Key Slot Number Calculator? There is an easy way to find the key slot of any key name. Just type in the box the key name and the calculator will automatically give you the key slot where the key will be stored in Redis.

After writing a guide on how to troubleshoot hotKeys/bigeyes in Redis, I realized there are no resources on how to quickly identify the key slot of any key. So, here is a small calculator to do exactly that!

It doesn’t matter if you are using Redis OSS, Redis Cloud, Redis Enteprise Software, the logic is exactly the same. (This also applies to MemoryStore, ElastiCacche, and all other Redis-flavored offerings.)

Redis Key Slot Calculator (FREE)

Algorithm Result Check Poly Init RefIn RefOut XorOut

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If you find my Redis Key Slot Number Calculator useful, please share it with the world!

Credits: I used some of the JavaScript needed to generate the hexadecimal value from crcCalc.

As always, write in the comments section if any questions or if you have improvement suggestions.

P.S. If the calculator does not function as expected on mobile give it a try on Desktop. Happy coding.

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