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170+ Best Content Writing Courses (Free)2 min read

Learn why most content writers fail. Hint: it’s always one of these two things that’s wrong. (And here is the right way to fix it.)

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You are probably “moving earth and heavens” to get your blog rolling…And then nothing… Ghost town.

Everyone seems to be ignorant about your articles —and results are lacking no matter what you do.

(All that while others seem to succeed big time with little effort.)

I am a bit scared to tell you this… But it’s better for you to know…

There are only two real factors that dictate your success as a writer.

(Now, this can be painful.)

The first bit is YOUR WRITING, and the second is TRAFFIC.

That said, your posts haven’t had significant success so far because you are simply doing one of these incorrectly. (Or you give up too early.)

(I was no different… A lot of “missed trains” before I’ve finally got things right.)

What am I trying to tell you here?

You should split your efforts 50/50 between WRITING and PROMOTION (TRAFFIC).

So, 50% of the time, you should spend writing and educating yourself on how to write better.

The other 50% you must spend on getting some TRAFFIC rolling. (See my other posts to learn how to do this efficiently.)

(And no, substituting one for the other just does not work.)

When you get this right, it’s just a matter of repeating the effort every day. (Results will come already after 2–3 months.)

Since this post focuses on the first factor (WRITING), let me share one thing that makes a big difference…

I prepared a list of 170+ free courses that you can use to improve your writing in tons of different aspects.

(Suitable for all levels, writing genres, and for all niches.)

→ Click right here to get the list for FREE.

Just enter your email so that I can send you the material.

(You will also need to type the amount, so make sure to put $0 so that you get the list entirely for FREE.)

It’s all done for you — go ahead and start improving your writing today.

(In the next posts, I’ll share more hints on the second component, which is TRAFFIC.)

→ Click right here to download the list of 170+ FREE courses to level up your writing now (and finally get attention).

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