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Medium Earnings Tips: Leave Medium For 30 Days3 min read

Publishing schedules, daily posting, following best advice, playing by the book? Medium earnings: $0.29 🤦‍♀️ Read the best medium earnings tips.


I may be a few steps farther than you with the Medium journey, but this means nothing.

And to tell you the truth, I still “didn’t get it”… The Holy Grail of what makes success here…

But I got a few tips on what doesn’t.

(And if you avoid enough things that don’t work, you will get to what works naturally.)

We are in the same boat… You, me, and someone who started posting yesterday. All of us make the same mistake.

Follow the best gurus, read all the How-TOs, then try to publish daily (regardless of the motivation) and just tick all the checkboxes.

In other words, play 100% by the book.

And what happens?

Well, your head starts hurting when you check Medium Earnings from yesterday.

(It goes something like 34 views, 16 reads, and $0.23 a day.) 🤦‍♂️

Sure enough, you expect that

Effort = Earnings

And you want to see your effort translate into sensible earnings.

(After all, society is teaching us that time is money.)

To tell you the truth, better forget this… Or you will get disappointed and abandon Medium (and perhaps writing altogether).

It just doesn’t work here (no deterministic reasoning applies!).

This happened to me just recently. I was so irritated that I even published an article declaring that I was giving up on Medium.

No, seriously… It was a “done job” for me.

I then forgot completely about Medium and haven’t published a single post for 30 days!

(After posting daily.)

Guess what happened?

The Medium email notifications started coming in… This person added my story to the reading list, or someone clapped for an article…

These started coming more and more… And I was not posting nor promoting a single thing!

When I checked views and earnings, I was shocked.

It’s a completely different story now — goes like

And translates into roughly $5–6 a day.

Not bad, given that I didn’t move a finger…

So, how do I explain this?

Well, I don’t have an explanation for you. How did it happen exactly? — I have no clue.

But what I know is that the readers started coming from somewhere… And they liked the content and bothered to read it…

MY TAKEAWAY: Medium is a complex platform with many “balls” in the air. All these “balls” collide and bounce off of each other and produce chaos. (Which spits out a winning article that gets the reads.)

It’s almost impossible to predict when your efforts will pay off precisely…

Or what post will be the ONE…

(Reality check: My top earner is a post that took 10 minutes to write — the one I wanted to ditch initially as I was ashamed to post it.)

…But it will pay off — the best you can do right now is to write when you feel so and with no additional pressure.

Forget all the strict schedules, word counts, and 10,000 other parameters that make a winning article (what others typically preach).

Because such doesn’t exist, remember, there is no checkbox, template, or you-name-it that will tell upfront what a successful post is!

Once the snowball effect kicks in, you will naturally put in more effort and start writing more and more.

Until then, just be gentle with yourself and set the right expectations.

Only then can you enjoy the ride with Medium as you lift all the brakes (as I do right now).

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