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How To Easily Get From 0 To 100 Followers (Medium)6 min read

How to get from 0 to 100 (and beyond) Medium followers

How to get from 0 to 100 followers on Medium in a matter of days…

Let me ask you this.

Do you want to build armies of followers that make you thousands of dollars a day?

I bet you do…

Tons of resources teach you how to make hundreds of thousands… But even with that…

You will fail.

Wait, what?

O.K. Let me explain.

Articles you frequently read come from authors who worked for years to get there… These guys have an audience that trusts them…

So, they can sell and make X or Y amount of money and then write an article about it (How-To Make $X a day)…

And that’s completely fine… But the bad news here is this…

If you are at the start, you can mistakenly think that it is enough to produce content or a product at the quality grade of the big guys (simply to match it)…

Let’s say you read an article that teaches you how to create a product at Gumroad.

You work for days, and finally, you create a product that matches the quality of what the top Medium authors offer…

You get enthusiastic and almost can smell the money…

No Thinking Required: Ready-To-Use Blueprint To Start & Grow Your Blog From $0 To $1,200/Mo
Want to get into blogging but confused about where to start?

But then your confidence sinks to the ocean bottom when you find that NOBODY buys!


(In words — zero sales.)

(All that hard work for nothing…)

So, what’s the mistake here?

As always, wrong expectations (you are not to blame, this is how the human brain works).

You have to start small and grow from there.

(Keep the famous articles close at hand and take those promises as a long-term roadmap, but never expect anything similar, especially at the start.)

You will only get disappointed…

And who needs another disappointment?

That’s why I wrote this article…

It’s realistic and 100% applicable if you are starting your blog/channel/profile and want to build the audience (and ultimately earn money from your content).

No Thinking Required: Ready-To-Use Blueprint To Start & Grow Your Blog From $0 To $1,200/Mo
Want to get into blogging but confused about where to start?

My story

I’ve been undercover for years…


Working diligently and building my professional engineering career… Since I have always liked content marketing, I had a few projects aside from my 9–5…

Long story short, both my side projects and my main career turned out to be a big success…

But I never said a word about it (at least not publicly)… (Although I read hundreds of books on the subject and had hundreds of clients aside from my professional engineering career…)

Until very this moment… I have figured out that there is knowledge to share (both practical and theoretical) that you and others can benefit from…

That’s how I decided to start writing here…

But I had to come up with a plan…

How to get 100 followers on Medium.Com [Plan]


I started small…

After all, I had 0 Medium followers less than 30 days ago…

And what’s the first goal when you start small?

(It’s not to make $100 a day but something else…)

You have to write and build followers…

And you must specify a clear goal (else you can’t measure the results).

Here is how I’ve set my goal.

Get 100 Medium followers within 30 days.

And these are the steps that I followed to accomplish the goal.

  1. Complete the Medium profile so that it is clear from first sight how I can help people (think of your Bio, the about section, and the profile photo/cover).
  2. Write one 600 words+ Medium article a day (must be high-quality).
  3. Spend 15–30 minutes a day following people who are interested in the topic you are writing.
  4. Publish each Medium article to your social networks (Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Threads, Pinterest).
  5. Repeat the process every day.

HINT: You can repurpose existing content into a Medium article (from your blog or other channels).

NOTE: It did not even take 30 days to get from 0–100 since I was on a 10-day holiday in Cyprus and for that time, decided to detach completely.


Test it for one month and see if it works for you.

(It worked for me very well — see the below snapshot.)

There you have it, 100 followers

(I am already now at 1,000+ followers, read here how I did it.)

What matters is that you start small and be realistic with yourself.

Then you can celebrate this small success and set the stage for a slightly bigger one…

Step by step… To the final goal of earning $100+ a day from your writing.


And remember, when you are at 0 followers, your first goal is 1 (not 100).

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No Thinking Required: Ready-To-Use Blueprint To Start & Grow Your Blog From $0 To $1,200/Mo
Want to get into blogging but confused about where to start?

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