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This Email Form Gets a Whooping 33% Subscribe Rate Constantly3 min read

What if 33 people out of 100 gave you their email address? This happened to me. Here is the WHY & HOW, step-by-step.

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I have been struggling to optimize my email opt-in rates for some time… Just a few weeks ago, I started getting above-average results (subscribe rates went to 7%).

But this is not what I want to talk to you about… Since I’ve just revealed something much, much more powerful.

(And frankly, any ordinary mortal can get to a 7% opt-in rate if she tries enough combinations of call-to-action.)

Here, I am about to show you a completely different technique that I found out just now.

So, how did I get a 33% opt-in rate?

Guess what? Just as they taught you in primary school… I started by clearly stating the problem.

PROBLEM: Increase opt-in rates of my free tech email course (made for people interested in shifting towards tech careers — both programming and non-programming).

But how?

Well, most of us are pretty ignorant of the usual calls to action we see daily in ads (simply, there are too many). No wonder email opt-in rates are roughly 1-3% (almost a statistical error).

So, there must be some better way… Something a bit unusual, too…


What if I promise a benefit and ask the reader for some minimal effort on their end before they get the benefits?

And I did exactly that…

Here is the quiz I use as a landing page (notice it’s a self-discovery quiz meant to tell if one is fit for a tech position).

Since the reader has invested the time and now has the “skin in the game”… There is no way to drop the form before the completion.

Plus, they are excited to find out if they are fit for a tech position (which helps them earn more and have a better life).

All this makes the reader more than happy to give the email address in exchange for the outcome…

The results?

Believe it or not, this form has an opt-in rate of 33% percent.

I’ve created a simple Instagram post and advertised it to folks interested in tech.

An Instagram ad served the target audience interested in tech

So, what makes this method so successful?

Skin in the game… A good promise and excitement built up… Coupled with an early “investment” from the reader’s end, this method just works…

And I am sure you can adopt this strategy to any niche…

Just copy and paste the format and see the results for yourself.

Feel free to use my quiz as a template (and when you are at it, test if you are fit for a tech career as well) 🙂

Click here to start the quiz and find out if you are fit for a tech position.

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