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Double Opt-in Conversion Rates: How To Get 20% Opt-in Rate3 min read

A new project I just launched has a 20% email opt-in rate. Here is why.

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I told you recently about my poor experience with the Medium Partner Program… Which pushed me to find a better use of my time urgently.

That’s how I decided to launch a new project.

It took a weekend to set it up since I coded everything myself (but you can use non-coding solutions, too). The idea is what matters.

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This project is a fitness plan app (questionnaire) focusing on women who want to start exercising (and have a more attractive body).

(Yes, women are more sensitive to this than men.)

After collecting around 20 questions, the form asks the reader to provide their name and email so I can send them their personalized fitness plan (a free version).

One of the questions on mobile

To test the concept out, I’ve started an Instagram ad campaign targeting women interested in fitness…

Then, I forgot about the entire thing and went on doing something else.

When I checked the day after, the landing page had around 127 visitors, and 27 of them left their email…

That’s more than a 20% opt-in rate!

The best I got up to this moment was a 6–7% opt-in rate (while the industry standard is around 2–3%).

So, what makes this solution so successful?

Well, the sales funnel was set up correctly, as I taught you here.

  • The website is based on something people are struggling with a lot (losing/gaining weight) — REAL problem
  • The questioner builds up expectations that they can finally resolve this burning struggle (as it asks very concrete questions about the reader’s habits)
  • The user needs to invest their time upfront, and the email/name ask is only in the last question (less likely to give up as they spent time to get to this point)
  • Questions are very clear, and to the point, so everyone knows what was asked exactly
  • I mixed the questions to be single-select, multi-select, and user text input so that the reader is not bored answering the same question type again and again
  • Finally, this all was served through Instagram ads to the exact audience looking to start exercising

After a very successful launch, the next step for this project is to create an email sequence and let the new subscribers in.

(While, of course, offering an upsell on premium plans along the way.)

Hope that this post gave you an idea of how you can increase email opt-in rates, too.

Just do what I did — create a gamified survey and ask people to give the answers (put the email/name questions at the end).

And see what happens…

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