Course: How to build a career that PAYS you $150k+ a year & never get FIRED

***NOW available***

Is this the ONLY real course that shows you exact steps on how to build a career that pays you $150k+ a year & how to never get fired from such a job?

I believe it is, and here is why you should also believe it.

1. Everything that really matters for a $150k + career a year — all in one place (applies to tech and non-tech careers)

You do not have to spend money on buying 20 different courses or books to learn all that you need to know to have a terrific career.

This course has it all. Explained in a simple (everyday) language, it is easy to follow, and everything you learn is so clear that you can simply copy/paste to your career from day one.

You will master the knowledge from seven main categories that are crucial to getting to the six-figure dollar career (regardless of your present career path).

  • Understanding the employment market
  • The rules that you must respect in this game
  • Skills that pay you $150k+ a year
  • Finding the right employer
  • How to crack the interview & get the salary you want
  • Getting the competition on their knees & protecting the position
  • Quitting the job at the right moment & like a boss

Want to become a professional that companies are fighting over? The one who dictates the salary and the conditions.

Imagine that every employer wants you to work there and that they are saying yes to whatever you ask from them (phenomenal salary, premium health insurance, the new company car, you name it).

This course will show you the exact steps to follow so that you can have it ALL. It will teach you how to work smarter (not harder).

What are you going to learn inside — what’s “on the truck” for you?

Understanding the market: There is a reason why most people (including you) are not making enough money. You will understand why this is happening and stop being frustrated by it. Ever thought that you are not good enough or that others are better than you? I show how to overcome this & gain more self-respect and self-confidence. No one is really better than you… It is an eye-opening view that will help you see the world differently. The magic lens will make you wonder how you did not “get it” earlier when it is this obvious.

The rules of the game: This is not for everyone (but it is for you). You will learn the rules of the extremely competitive game — the game you must play to get to the six-figure jobs. What I teach you here will help you not get crushed by the competition. You will know exactly what to expect and how to deal with it. A sort of life raft that floats to the pile of cash.

Skills that pay: You will learn what skills (both soft and hard) you must have for a $150k+ position. Simplified and explained by real-life examples — all battle-tested and ready to use. Companies will stand in line to get you once you understand what these skills are.

Finding the employer: Most employers CANNOT pay what you dream of. A few can give you even more than that. Here you will learn to focus on a particular subset of the companies that can pay you 3-5 times the normal market rate. I will also show you how to prepare… The companies that never say NO to whatever figure you put in front of them.

Crack the interview: There is an exact blueprint with DOs and DON’Ts at the job interview. The positions that pay $150k+ require special behavior in all the interview stages (nothing like at regular jobs). Leave the hiring manager speechless after you exit the room (or the Zoom call).

Competition: There are kilometer-long standing lines for this kind of job. That puts a lot of pressure on you to win the competition (both for the job and at once you get it). With the tricks that I teach, you will blow off the competition and skip all the waiting lines. Get and keep your $150k+ position on your terms and stay at the position as long as you want (no one can fire you ever).

Quit like a boss: The A-Z guide to knowing the right moment when to quit (change) the job. You will also learn how to do this professionally (and to your benefit) and without any self-judgment and regret (or other negative emotions). They will beg you to stay longer and will be ready to give all that you ask (even if you are just a beginner now).

When the crisis hit: Many gave up and failed to get the $150+ position. You will not be one of them as I tell you upfront what to do for every kind of situation that threats to bring you down. Get the personal whisper who knows it all (been there, done that) & never walk alone!

All this plus MUCH, MUCH more. I teach you how to survive, prosper, and thrive regardless of viruses, economic crises, or alien invasions. Where others struggle, you will be untouchable.

Even more…

You will learn to think like a real business oracle (now & forever). As a successful person, others will eagerly listen to what you are saying (with the utmost attention and eyes wide open).

2. I will tell you exactly what, when, and how to do [set yourself on autopilot]

It does not go more concrete and action-ready than this. All served on a silver plate; you just have to chew it.

Here are just some of the lessons that we are going to cover together:

  • A sneak peek into a $150k+ career: What do you get exactly
  • What’s inside the compensation package of the top-paid employees (that you will never see in the job description)
  • My exact path to a $150k+ career in under 4 years
  • Are you in the wrong industry (that is sinking) & what to do if you are
  • Top 30 occupations that pay the most in the coming ten years & how to take advantage of it
  • The reasons why you are not making enough money
  • How to stop being frustrated & disappointed if you are earning too little
  • Why are most jobs boring, repetitive, and lacking intellectual challenges
  • Do you need to change your career path, or is your current path good enough
  • What companies give you a “blank check” to fill in the salary
  • Is this really possible — how can any company pay “normal employees” $150k – $250k a year
  • Companies that pay anything you ask but you should still avoid for other reasons…
  • Software-related company or a physical-product company — what is better
  • How to not get crushed by the competition
  • $150k+ career path for students & starters, experienced professionals, and those who want to make the career shift
  • Why the “get rich fast” methods will never work for you
  • How to recognize companies that can pay $150k+ easily
  • Hard skills that you need to land a $150k+ job (detailed instructions and real-life examples included)
  • How to know what are the hottest hard skills in your industry
  • Why is a degree almost useless
  • What to do if you do not have any experience but still want a $150k+ position
  • How to build high-demand hard skills (fast & easy)
  • The time that you need to prepare for this kind of job
  • Where do most people fail
  • Soft skills required for a $150k+ positions
  • How is an employee who earns $150k+ different than one earning a market rate
  • Guide to a $150k+ job for shy people
  • What you should never talk about with your employer
  • How do you become an irreplaceable member of your team
  • How to stay calm & ice-cold during heated conversations at work
  • Attitude needed to maintain a $150k+ career in the decades to come
  • How to say NO so that everyone listens
  • Why is perfectionism bad for you
  • Are you difficult to work with
  • A detailed guide to a LinkedIn profile required for a 150k+ position
  • How to find companies hiring for $150k+ positions in your field of expertise
  • What to say/do to increase the likelihood of getting the job from 1% to 19%
  • 7 proven ways to crack the interview that I use every time
  • How to negotiate almost any salary (how to ask/what NOT to mention ever)
  • How to never get fired
  • When is the right moment to quit a job, and how to do it without negative emotions

*** All the lessons account for your personal situation and career path (both tech and non-tech careers)!

I am talking about hundreds of pages of ultimately useful material that you can start applying already today.

You will regret that you did not start earlier but only today… You would have been closer to a majestic $150k+ career.

Still, nothing is lost, and I will give you an extra boost with a “golden” welcome lesson to get the ball rolling fast.

What’s best is that others in the line for the premium jobs DO NOT have a clue that this course exists. They are in the dark and do not know that you have a secret weapon & insider’s information.

A miracle cannot save them if they do not attend this course — YOU are going to destroy them!

And much, much more. I cannot tell you everything now, but there is more to come once you are “inside.”

  1. Frequently asked questions database by other students to help you get the answers fast
  2. The best references to books and courses for anything that you want to know more about (so you use only proven material)
  3. Additional materials to read as a side lesson to what I am teaching you

And that is not all! 🙂


I expect you to apply everything you learn from day one. I am letting in only those who are 100% determined to change their careers dramatically (for the better).

During the course, you will get the exact requests for what and how to do. The instructions are clear, but you are the one who executes them. It is nothing complex but discipline matters.

You can also print some of the material so that you have a PHYSICAL reminder of the value you are getting here. These tangible lessons can be used immediately from day one.

You will learn PERMANENTLY how to excel in the employment market, whatever your occupation is. This knowledge can be used as long as you live & no one can take it from you! It is engraved in your brain, and you will benefit forever.


I am not selling you this guide only; I am selling PERSONAL transformation. Your career will change beyond the point of recognition, and you will build skills you could never imagine…

Once you finish the course, you will have a completely different view than today. You will know the exact path to getting any job you desire.

You are entering the game from the bench, but you will exit as a real legend (while the entire stadium is chanting your name).

I promise you that.

Is this e-guide for you?

3. Ready to use, practical, and useful, equally good for beginners & already experienced professionals

This e-guide is equally beneficial to:

  1. Complete beginners coming out of the university (or school), starting a professional career but unsure where to begin,
  2. Those looking to switch their career path completely (to engineering — tech, for instance),
  3. The working people who have regular jobs that pay OK but want & deserve much more (you & your family),
  4. The people who had a career pause (or are retired) but want to reactivate now & earn more than ever,
  5. Everyone else, such as undergraduates, students, and other newcomers with high future expectations

…And you do not have to be “an expert” or particularly smart to follow these lessons. It is just enough that you are determined and disciplined — everything else you will learn in this course.

It is enough if you know how to surf The Internet and follow the simple steps I ask you…

Still, it is not for everyone…

If you cannot afford to take an hour or two every other day for this course (or if you think that someone else will do this job for you) — do not sign up for it!

The course is also not for you if you are broke and spending your last money on it…

I want you to understand that this course is NOT promising EASY MONEY & GET RICH FAST.

Do not land money to attend the course because you have more important things to do (if you are in that position).

With enough effort, books, and courses, you could most probably eventually get the same knowledge for free on The Internet. (Just because The Internet is the largest database of knowledge ever.)

It will take a lot more time than here & you will make a lot of mistakes you could avoid. Still, there is a lot of free knowledge available out there. It is maybe better that way than to end the month with a flat bank account balance…

Do not sign up for the course if you think someone else will “move your mouse cursor and click” or make the appointment for you. Then, if you are not willing to search Google/LinkedIn yourself and find simple answers or follow simple instructions.

Everything you can find in a simple Google search, you should not ask me in the course (the course is about something else).

What I am teaching you here is above anything that you can find on the first, second, or ANY page of Google results. Things that are hard to get if you haven’t already been there & done that. (…And those who know are not going to tell you because they do not want the competition.)

I have already been walking this path for 15+ years, and here I am giving you all the crucial knowledge from what I have personally experienced (& what works). All that is summarized and explained in plain language so everyone can understand and follow.

The applications to the course are manually approved (but wish to work with you)

This course is like a high-profile business school — the demand is greater than the supply.

The goal is to make it accessible at a fair price to the ones who will benefit the most from it. You will get astonishingly more than what “you pay at the entrance.”

Because of that, I cannot accept all the students automatically (nor do I want that). The course must OVER-DELIVER, and there must be no doubt it paid off completely (multiple times).

By limiting the “number of seats,” I free up time to attend to my students’ needs better and tailor the course according to your needs & your full benefit. Better than letting everyone in automatically & dispersing attention all around.

I want to ensure that the course gets to those who will profit from it with 100% certainty & those who can take all the value it offers.

If you get admitted to the course, I also have expectations from you. You have to follow and apply everything that you learn from day one.

I have enormous satisfaction in seeing you improving and being more and more successful starting today (this means that I thought you well and that I did a great job). So, I care about your success.

Once you apply for the course, based on the information you send, I will personally decide if this course is for you and if it covers what you need. Perhaps you do not need this course after all (some people might already be very successful — why would they pay then?).

If we are not a “match,” I will tell you that immediately. This is not only for the money — I trust in reciprocity very much, and we can work together only if it is beneficial for both.

4. The course lasts 8 months

You will learn FAST for sure, but it takes time to digest everything. Because of that, I have made the course last longer than typical online learning programs (similar to what it takes to get a master’s degree at a traditional university).

This is not a course where you learn everything in 3 days. (If it was that easy, everyone would be making up to $250k a year.)

It lasts 8 months because, frankly speaking, you need that time… You have to apply many new things that you will be learning, and the course will follow your peace.

It is not like I drop ten trillion new info on you and “push you into the water.” No, I do not believe in this approach. You will go step-by-step at a pace that you can follow & digest easily. There must be some room for breathing. It takes 8 months for your complete transformation.

As long as you live, you can use what you learned here. (Like a good investment.)

Lasts as long as a “master’s degree” course

…only that you will get the real practical knowledge here. Today’s universities are mostly theoretical and do not prepare you for the “real thing.”

My $15,000 master’s degree is collecting dust on a shelf, and I have never presented it to any employer.

This is not to say that I am against formal education, you get a lot of friends there, enjoy the time that you will remember forever…

But the universities do not teach you how to get to the top-paid positions exactly (what skills are needed & how to do it). They give you raw theoretical knowledge, and you must “figure out everything yourself.” (Imagine you have to assemble an IKEA shelf without the manual…Hard, right?)

More commonly than not, universities go too broad too fast – trying to teach you everything. The reality is that you do not need all that knowledge, and it is enough to focus on what works (the rest you can study if you are personally interested).

Trying to teach you everything, typical master programs sometimes miss the essence, and you actually hear what really works only from a course such as this one

The universities focus on business rather than “teach you to what you need to know.” These are business institutions that operate like companies and use their branded name to charge unrealistically high fees and make high profits. (In the USA, citizens’ debt to universities is 1.45 BILLION dollars — so banks profit as well.)

My master’s degree cost me $15,000. Depending on your location, master studies can cost you $30,000 – $50,000. In Europe, these are somewhat cheaper (for EU citizens) and can go up to EUR 5,000 (for non-EU citizens, $15,000).

You do not need any of that.

This course will not cost you even near that… And you will REALLY learn how to get to the jobs that make you piles of cash (plus other benefits) in the REAL world.

If you prefer traditional universities, it is fine to go there… If you want to make an astonishing career, stay here and learn so that you can apply everything today (real, tangible & practical).

5. The course goes “live”

This course “breathes“… It is a living organism and unlike YouTube courses/guides that are pre-recorded and 100% the same every time you play it.

The e-guide adapts to your needs completely and develops with you at your pace. You will receive only 100% relevant lessons tailored to you only.

It is not like ChatGPT or any other AI-powered mechanism that give everyone the same answer.

My course is human-powered and can “feel” your needs, doubts, and worries. Everyone is different — so there is no “one size fits all.” What works for others might not work for you.

That is why the course adapts like a “chameleon,” depending on your questions/interests. It is the ultimate tool, designed only for you, and resolves ONLY your problems/obstacles so you can get to the $150k+ career (and much more, I am sure).

If my students need to learn more about certain subjects (e.g., the interview preparation) — the course changes in the blink of an eye and provides the best guidance on this (it is like a magic wand).

The course is designed to be an “evergreen.” This means that the qualities you will get from it will remain equally relevant 10 years from now (in fact, much longer than that).

I also ensure that the course reflects on the latest trends (for instance, if there is a NEW platform to help you quickly boost a certain hard skill, you will know).

All in all, it is a journey that we travel together.

6. Don’t bang your head against a brick wall (ask me directly)

One of the reasons why this is the best course of its kind:

Whenever you have a doubt/concern/obstacle, you can ask me directly.

I have already been on that road, and I know how you can resolve any problem you encounter (if I do not know, I know someone who knows).

You do not have to wander thorny wildernesses; instead, you can use the “pawed path.”

You will know the EXACT solution to ANY problem you face on your path to the $150k+ career.

Think of it… There can be a time when you are confused about something, unsure of what direction to take or what to say or do (given the specific circumstances).

I can direct you right through it so that you do not waste time, money & nerves by “trying what does not work.”

Whatever your question, this course will CERTAINLY inspire you on how to resolve it.

In the FREE email course, I might not have responded to you directly because I always reserve time for the premium students first. (There are physical limits to the number of messages I can answer per day, and I make sure that the premium students are always in the FIRST plan.)

Depending on the “ticket” you bought, I can help you resolve the problem quickly with one of the tools:

  • “LinkedIn Inspector” – Get the exact guidance on how to make your LinkedIn profile fit for a $150k+ position (this is a must). The tool also covers all the interview questions, your doubts, the right attitude, etc. Complete preparation!
  • “Personal Trainer” – You must develop specific hard and soft skills as the course progresses (depending on your personal goals). Here you can ask me anything about soft and hard skills development.
  • “Lifevest: Swimming with the sharks” – Once you get the $150k+ jobs, you must know how to keep it. Success is similar to the tip of an iceberg (half of an iceberg is in the water while the other half is above the surface) — so the first half of the road is to get there while the second is keeping what you have. Here you can ask all the questions about keeping the position & when facing challenges at your $150k+ job.
  • “Ask the principal engineer” – Is the best path for you to shift to the tech sector? Perhaps you are already there but want to improve (and finally get to the $150k+ payscale)? With this tool, I assist all my colleagues (or colleagues to be) directly. Depending on the ticket, here you can ask all the programming questions that are confusing to you. Also, all the software-architecture-related questions (one-stop-shop). Need help with homework? You can ask here as well. (The last employer (a big bank) was paying $260 for 1 hour of my programming consultations — there is no way I do not know the correct answer.)

You will have all your questions answered!

7. This is a unique course (you won’t find anything alike)

This sort of all-inclusive package you cannot find anywhere else. The ultimately useful & to-you-tailored material, direct contact, community, and all that at such a good price. (Write if you find something better so that I can sign up as well :))

Simply put, I will teach you “things” that you cannot find anywhere else. No matter how hard you dig through thousands of Google results, you won’t find this kind of content because you do not know what to look for. It’s a shot in the dark…

How can you find something that you never knew existed?

This course is antiquity and cannot be copied simply because it comes right from the live experience over the last 15+ years. As such, it is 100% unique in every sense.

8. You will get the certificate + the reference letter

Who said that only universities give certificates? Once you finish my course, you get a digital certificate that you completed all the lessons.

Even more important is that you get a reference letter written & signed by me. I will write all the beautiful things about you and give my honest recommendations to your prospective employers. (After I make sure that you followed & applied all that you learned.)

These letters are essential because employers seek “signals” that you are good enough to do the work (before they hire you). What is a better signal than someone already at a high-profile job “vouching” for you (with the reference letter)? (I got your back covered.)

I also have connections with employment agencies & recruiters that seek candidates. I will recommend you directly if I see that you fit the position.

This course is a gateway to a world of possibilities that you could never imagine. It all functions like a well-oiled machine, and here I am, opening the gates for YOU.

9. ZERO risk: 100% money-back guarantee

To make good even better, you take 0 risks by attending this e-guide (in words: Z-E-R-O).

You get your money back if you do not get to the six-figure dollar career after applying everything you learned here.

The only condition is:

You have to read all the lessons I send your way (the course tracks what you read) & apply it accordingly.

If you do not get multiples of what you invest in the course, I return your money. Simple as that, no hard feelings & and no questions asked.

There, I am taking all the risks myself.

You have nothing to lose but only to gain (and gain BIG — millions of dollars throughout decades of a successful career).

10. All that at an unbelievable price (get ready for take-off)

We are taking off; get onboard with one of the three “tickets”: BUSINESS, VIP, or TYCOON class.

Believe it or not — the “BUSINESS” class passengers pay ONLY $147 for the entire course.

I thought a lot about the price of this course…

I wanted to lower the bar, so anyone could afford it (including students and those who work part-time). The price is more than reasonable, given what you get “inside.”

Daily, you pay less for the course than you spend on a single Espresso shoot.

This investment is just a drop in the ocean compared to the total value you will receive. Once you get & maintain the $150k+ career, you will earn millions over your working years.

If I put this in numbers, you will get around 10,000 times more than what you paid in total (for the BUSINESS class) over ten years.

The price of the course is “next to nothing” compared to how much it costs me to get all the knowledge.

I want to “transfer” all I learned in 15+ years within 8 months of this e-guide.

Countless hours on “high-ticket” and “invite-only” professional events, seminars, conferences… Numerous tech certificates & expensive courses… Business meetings all across the globe (from Miami/New York City, Argentina/Brazil, Amsterdam/Munich/Paris, Tanzania, Israel, Turkey, Russia)… (…been in your neighborhood most probably, just around the corner.)

I worked with hundreds of people who HIRE others at career paths of $150k+ up to $250k. Some at world-leading banks & investment funds, others at Silicon Valley’s startups… I know what they are after and how they think…

The reason why I can sell the course at this low price is the scalability that the online approach allows.

Technically, you get around 200-300 hours of my time at the price of not even one hour. This is because other students also “contribute” to the payout I receive… So, you can get the ultimate value at a fraction of its REAL costs.

Still, the number of seats is REALLY limited

I MUST limit the number of seats because I do not want to live behind the computer screen answering emails/messages day & night. Also, I want to make sure that the course OVER-DELIVERS to the admitted students & that they get my attention (individually).

The first come, the first served. (Assuming that I can help you.)

No rush; you can sign up whenever you are ready. Just keep an eye out if this page is still accessible at that point. (Sometimes, I close the applications for the new students temporarily, and then you have to wait for the next round.)

It depends on how fast you want to get to the $150k+ career. (The first students are already there.)

You are welcome to join any time. Sign up whenever you want (conditional that there are available seats for that month — else, you will have to wait a bit)…

The best thing is that this course is only OPEN for the students coming out of my FREE email course. No one else can join, and this page is not publicly visible on my website.

Pick your seat: choose from three ticket types — BUSINESS, VIP, or TYCOON

To be on the same page… Let’s clarify one thing.

Whatever seat you take, it will be an excellent “flight” — we are all traveling to the same destination.

On my flight, there are no “economy” seats — no squeezing and narrow leg space. We serve only the best food (BIIIIG portions), employ the best pilots, and remain at your service during the entire flight (and after).

We do not measure/weigh your bags, and you can bring anything you need with you (pets are welcome).

Plastic cutlery? Canned drinks? No way, not on this flight. You get only the best: Franche champagne, silver cutlery, a multi-course menu, and crystal glasses. The crew onboard is happy to see you and is on standby for all your requests.

Want to sleep? The adjustable seats turn into an isolated mini-apartment at the button switch. All for your maximal comfort. Smoker? No problem!

So, do not spend that much time thinking about what ticket to take. It is the same flight; we are all going to reach the same destination.

The additional options only allow more access to the cabin cockpit and more direct access to my answers. Buy the ticket that you can afford.

Still, there are rules to be respected (my airplane — my rules). Some people think that they “know everything (always right)” and are unwilling to follow any guidance. (Those who standup up immediately after the airplane has touched the ground, ignoring the crew’s advice to remain seated with the seatbelt fastened.)

This kind of passenger, if mistakenly admitted to the course, will be released from the airplane (course) with a special parachute.


This is so that you can get the maximum attention & enjoy the flight.

BUSINESS CLASS ($147 in total)

This is an ideal ticket if you have a “do-it-yourself” attitude.

The perfect solution for those who want to experiment and discover what is working and what is not.

Equally good for confused university graduates and working people who need to change something but do not know where to start.

It is also for those who want the $150k+ career BADLY but need to “fix a few things” before they can commit 100% to the ultimate change in their life.

For folks who are fine with where they are but curious to learn new tricks and improve even further.

With this ticket, you will GET everything from points #1 and #2 of this page. Nothing is taken out — BUSINESS and TYCOON passengers get 100% same course.

The only “issue” here is that I cannot guarantee a personal response & advice. It is not that I do not want to — far from that… It’s even likely that we will “speak” directly and that you will get personal advice… But I cannot give a 100% guarantee (for this ticket).

Still, the course will certainly cover all you need to know + the most frequent questions (no doubt).

I will probably jump in for a quick response, comment on your questions, and, here and there, personally attend to your needs. It is just that I cannot do the “deep dive” and commit 100% to you ONLY.

You will get TONS of ideas from the e-guide that you can rely on. Learn how to think and act INDEPENDENTLY and use what you learned FOREVER.

It will teach you “how to fish” rather than serving you a one-off meal.

VIP CLASS ($390 in total)

(It is already less crowded, and there is much more legroom.)

You have some work experience and perhaps even a professional career. Still, you cannot say “this is it.” Something is missing, but you do not know what (cannot point out exactly).

Seems that your hard work is not valued ENOUGHYou are confused at times because you are running out of options… Career switch? Stay where you are & change something?

You need someone (me in this case) to tell you EXACTLY what is wrong. To look at your situation from another perspective & give practical and laser-accurate advice.

Another pair of eyes (and ears) to unlock you so that you can fly sky-high. I will tell you what to do precisely and what’s your next best step.

What mistakes are you making, and what must you do differently? You need this change & you do not want to wait forever.

You will get everything from points #1 and #2 PLUS:

100% guarantee to receive my full attention and personalized advice.

Not only one but most probably several to-you-tailored, concrete-step advice… (To shred in pieces any problem that you may have!)

We will talk everything over, and I promise you at least one LONG/FAT answer regarding YOUR concrete situation — problems you are facing.

EXTRA: You get 1 question per week in the “Ask the principal engineer” tool.

This is the ideal “ticket” when you want to make REAL changes… For that, you need someone to “support” you along the way. To help you & “think with you” until you see the crystal-clear path forward.

There is almost no challenge that I cannot resolve. After 15+ years in high-profile jobs, I have an action-ready answer even to your “biggest uncertainties/doubts”.

The number of VIP “seats” is very limited because I want to help YOU & want to do it right.

If this sounds good to you (and if there are spots left), sign up for the “VIP” ticket.

TYCOON CLASS ($770 in total)

TYCOON-class passengers are the first to onboard — no waiting lines, no shoes-off at the security, and no folks turning your bags upside down.

We know who you are; just come on in!

Red carpet, welcome drink (Japanese whiskies today), and personal flight attendant at your disposal…

The captain himself will welcome you and walk you around the flight cockpit (if you like).

Joking a bit, but YOU get extraordinary treatment…

This ticket includes everything that the BUSINESS and VIP classes have PLUS:

For my tycoons (the REAL tycoons and tycoons to-be)…

We work faster and closer during the course — and you also get much MORE of my one-to-one time. All laser-focused on you and your career.

I personally advise and consult you to speed up your journey to a $150k+ career. Someone who checks the entire process and ensures everything is on track — points out the mistakes (or if you are not doing something you should do).

What to focus on right now and what to leave for later (setting your priorities straight).

The course is much more personalized for tycoons. You get messages/voice messages/emails and additional resources/material directly from me. I follow what you are doing much closer & with great attention… All that is to ensure you apply everything with 100% accuracy.

After you apply, I will send you a set of questions I need the answers to. These concern your current position, skills, desires & difficulties, and future plans (it is also okay if you do not have one).

After I study the answers, you will get a 360-degree view of your career path, including your most significant career problems & opportunities (that you might not be aware of). The full check-up/diagnostic results in concrete & exact steps to launch your career (for real).

Includes to-you-specific advice on resolving all the obstacles, avoiding pitfalls & common mistakes, and what fields you should focus on for a $150k+ career.

Do you have to choose a different career path to get the dream job faster? Or can you stay where you are?

Our perspective is very limited & others will not tell us everything. With the second pair of eyes, you will know EXACTLY what is stopping you right now.

All that and much more for my dear tycoons.

I am already where you “want to be,” and over the years, I have probably resolved almost any problem you can think of. Based on that, you will get a complete blueprint/template/strategy ready to use immediately.

Most of the guidance is applicable from day one, so you do not have to wait for a second.

During the course, you can ask me anything over email. You will have more than enough time to apply what you learn and see the tangible results of our relationship.

You get a completely different perspective and a crystal-clear career path with exact guidance. (To avoid spending time on “what does not work” and entirely focus on “what works”.)

See me as a “dear friend” and “trusted advisor” who wishes only the best for you.

How to sign-up as a tycoon?

You will have to respond to a few questions on the application page below. I want to make sure that we are a “match” and that I can help you before you are admitted. As soon as get your application, you will hear from me with the results.

If there are spots, you can sign up for this ticket at the link below.

How does this course work?

This course is an e-guide. This means that you will continue receiving emails with the course content (only from a special mailing list).

You can “follow” the course from anywhere in the world at your schedule & pace. New York City, Sydney, Shanghai, Amsterdam, or Belgarde — it does not matter. In the early morning or late at night, you choose whatever works best for you…

Once to twice a week, you will get your lesson. (Sometimes, I also add extra detailed guides to the regular material.)

This will continue for 8 months at least. What do I mean by “at least”? The official material ends in 8 months but the course does not end after that period. Contrary, there is an “afterparty,” and you are welcome to stay for more one-to-one consultations. (It is not like a movie that ends when it is the best.)

Learning is a process rather than an event. That’s why I am spreading the load over several months — I do not want to confuse you & want to make sure that you get enough time.

Every week, you will learn and apply something new. This gives us also some room for “fixing the airplane on the flight”.

For some lessons, you might have additional questions or need some clarification. No problem, just respond to that email and I will be on it.

EXTRA: You get unlimited access to the “Ask the principal engineer” tool.

You can apply for the course whenever you feel it is the right moment — It’s available, but the number of “seats” is limited per month. You will get INSTANT access if there are spots left (and if we are a “match”). Are all tickets for the month already gone? Then you will have to wait a bit until more spots get available.

This is the END — or a new BEGINING — you decide 🙂

See you “inside”!




Are you still there? Do not wait too long.

Your life can transform completely in one or two years from now.

Or it can be the same… Exactly the same...

  • An average career and an average paycheck
  • Work too hard for too little
  • See others being successful while you remain “stuck”
  • Never fulfill your dreams

Or it can turn into a career that pays you $150k – $250k per year plus a company car, premium health insurance (for you & family), wellness & spa benefits, home office allowance for the newest gadgets, across-the-globe business journeys & luxury hotels (all at the expense of the company).

And that’s not all — you get stock options or stocks (and an opportunity to become a millionaire in just a few years).

The choice is yours…